25 Cm Cute Rabbit Baby Plush Toy-white

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25 Cm Cute Rabbit Baby Plush Toy-white

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Description: 1. Plush toys have good comfort and soothing effects If the baby is not easy to fall asleep, you can coax him Let him touch and play with plush toys while sleeping. 2. Starting from plush toys, children also have a preliminary Imagination. The rabbit is in his hand, slowly listening to his secret, Or play the role assigned by the child obediently. 3. The plush toy is the babys first mirror, he projects his own Emotion to it. Therefore, if one day suddenly gives birth to a baby Rude to people who like stuffed toys, maybe This is when he needs to express and vent pressure And emotions, don't stop him. 4. The plush toy should not be too big, the baby should Can be carried with you. Quality should be good And the plush cannot be too long or too thin. 5. Plush toys are easy to get dirty and should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. This extraterrestrial plush toy is a machine And it dries easily. Tips: prepare a few plush toys for your baby to guide your baby Treat them fairly, take them out in turns, and choose different companions when sleeping. This can prevent the baby Excessive attachment to plush toys. Specification: Specification: Net weight: 150g Size: 30 (cm) Color: pink, gray Material: soft cotton Package includes: 1*Rabbit plush toy

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