Electrolux E200 Or E55a Vacuum Bags

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Electrolux E200 Or E55a Vacuum Bags

Electrolux E200 Or E55a Vacuum Bags

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Genuine spare part suitable for selected Electrolux appliances. Compatible with the following models: Electrolux 1500 1750 1800 2253 2254 2271 2272 4500 4510-GUANA-RED 4559 4595 6200 6290 AAM6100 AAM6199 AEC7570 AEC7572 AIRMAX AMX7010 AMX7035 AOS9399 ARTIC AUS4030 AUS4040 AVC1110 AVC1190 AVC1220 AVC1230 AVQ2100 AVQ2141 BOLIDO CA6200 CA6230 CALYPSO CANISTER CITY CITYLINE CLARIO ERGOSPACE ESSENSIO EXCELLINO EXCELLIO EXPRESSION FC8380 FC8399 FC8400 FC8499 FC8600 FC8649 FC9000 FC9049 FC9050 FC9079 FC9100 FC9149 FC9150 FC9179 HE8599 HR8300 HR8349 HR8350 HR8367 HR8368 HR8399 HR8500 HR8599 IMPACT JEWEL LINE MARSU MAXIMUS MOBILO MODELYS OXYGEN OXYSYSTEM P1 PLUS PRO QUICKSTOP SILENCER SMARTVAC SPECIALIST TO4610 TO4625 TO50 TO6310 TO6330 TO6400 TO6499 TO6530 TORNADO TP30 TP6510 U4420 U4610 U4640 U6200 U6205 U6210 U6215 U6220 U6230 U7510 U7540 ULTRA VIVA XXL XXL00 XXL10 XXL106 XXL19 XXL20 XXL21 XXL220 XXL23 XXL34 XXL40 XXL41 XXL43T XXL50CD XXL51 XXL53 XXL59 XXL60 XXL61 XXL62 XXL63 XXL71 XXL72 XXL73 XXL95 XXLT XXLTT11 XXLTT12 XXLTT14 Z Z-5210-CARRBLUE Z1495 Z1900 Z1905.1 Z1905.2 Z1910 Z1915M Z1925 Z1925M Z1930 Z1931 Z1935 Z1935-EURO-GREEN Z1935-M-SKY-BLUE Z1935-SKY-BLUE Z1935M Z1935M-SKY-BLUE Z1940 Z1941 Z1942 Z1943 Z1943M Z1943M-RUBY-RED Z1944 Z1945 Z1948 Z1948-M-PETROL-BLUE Z1955 Z1955M Z1955M-PETROL-BLUE Z1995 Z2010 Z2015 Z2018 Z2020HP Z2022 Z2030 Z2035 Z2036 Z2038 Z2039 Z2040 Z2045 Z2048 Z2050 Z2095 Z2530 Z3300 Z3332 Z3347 Z3395 Z4500 Z4510 Z4595 Z5000 Z5010 Z5020 Z5021 Z5025 Z5210 Z5211 Z5211-CARR.BLUE Z5211-CARRBLUE Z5225 Z5295 Z5500 Z5510 Z5510M Z5510M-WHEAT-YELLOW Z5520 Z5520-PIST.GREEN Z5520-PISTACH-GREEN Z5520-PISTGREEN Z5520M Z5520M-PIST.GREEN Z5525 Z5525-TRANSPARANT Z5525M Z5525M-TRANSPARENT Z5530 Z5530-RUBY-RED Z5530M Z5530M-RUBY-RED Z5540 Z5540-SKY-BLUE Z5540M Z5540M-SKY-BLUE Z5551 Z5551-PETROL-BLUE Z5551M Z5551M-PETROL-BLUE Z5560A Z5560A-SCARAB-GREEN Z5560M Z5560M-SCARAB-GREEN Z5561 Z5561-SCARAB-GREEN Z5561-SCARABE-GREEN Z5561M Z5561M-SCARAB-GREEN Z5695 Z5900 Z5995 Z7320 Z7399 Z7510 Z7545 ZAM6100 ZAM6199 ZE2200 ZE2210 ZE2220 ZO6320 ZO6360 ZOS9310 ZV1010 ZV1050 ZVQ2100 ZVQ2103 ZXM7015 ZXM7035
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