Neck Gaiter Face Cover Bandanas Towel Dual Layer Red

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Neck Gaiter Face Cover Bandanas Towel Dual Layer Red

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This sports towel can be easily converted to aface cover, a neck gaiter or a bandana. You can change how tight you want byadjusting the pull-through corner loop. This face cover has better elasticity andmore comfortable fit, and the length can completely cover the neck, preventingmosquito bites and dust from entering. Perfect for outdoor wind and sandprotection, sun protection, special environment dust protection, alpine skiing,racer head protection and more. The new SPORX X Dry Cooling Towel is our coolest, most versatile towel yet. Not only does it provide a refreshing burst of cool that lasts all day, but it’s the first ever dual-sided cooling towel with a soft, absorbent terry side that dries when you need it. The ultra-soft terry cloth fabric wipes away sweat like a traditional towel while the evaporative cooling side instantly cools when activated with water for up to 11 hours - which is 5x longer than the average cooling towel.

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