Postpartum Abdominal Binder - Hourglass Shaping 9

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Postpartum Abdominal Binder - Hourglass Shaping 9

By Lafeenoire

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Postpartum Abdominal Binder - Hourglass Shaping 9" Postpartum Abdominal Binder with special Unique Hourglass Shaping Use the postpartum abdominal binder or Belly Binder Postpartum Support  after the birth of your baby History of Postpartum Belly Binding: POSTPARTUM ABDOMINAL BINDER-HOURGLASS SHAPING 9" For many years the idea of belly binding has been used to support the skin and the muscles around the woman's midsection after she has had her baby. Most women know that after child birth the abdominal muscles never quite knit back together in the same way as before.In scientific terms Belly binding helps close the gap (Diastasis Recti), that can develop after a pregnancy. It is believed that around 1/3 of postpartum mothers will have a separation in their abdominal muscles. In women with twins this is even more likely as the belly will grow even larger, and also more quickly. Diastasis is something, most new mums of multiples, will have to contend with. Benefits of Using a Postpartum Belly Binder: & x2665; Postpartum Belly Binding can take inches off of your waistline & x2665; Postpartum support belts help to support your back and improve core stability & x2665; Over a period of time your tummy appears and feels flatter (with patience and committed daily use ) & x2665; Belly binding can certainly quicken your body’s postpartum recovery.  Following a caesarian sections, it can help to physically aid in the healing process & x2665; Belly binding  helps close the gap (Diastasis Recti), that can develop after a pregnancy , therefore by wearing a binder, you can draw those muscles back together & x2665; Often used post-abdominal surgery, the effect of Belly Binding is effective compression in the lower and upper abdomen and is therefore very appropriate for someone recovering from a C-Section, liposuction and tummy tuck. & x2665; Belly Binding garments improve blood circulation & x2665; Unlike other Belly Binders on the market, this one has the unique design of hourglass shaping. Therefore it has soft rounded edges like theHug-a-Bump® SPD Maternity Support Band and will not ride up when worn & x2665; In our view  a postpartum belly binder, is THE best investment you can possibly make, for your postnatal body, after having a baby & x2665; PLEASE MEASURE YOURSELF ACCURATELY PRIOR TO ORDERING. THESE ITEMS ARE CUT ON THE LARGER SIDE.EXCHANGE STOCK DEPENDENT.RESTOCK CHARGE APPLIED IF REFUNDED Offered in two heights and 5 sizes

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