Ps4 Wireless Controller Is Compatible With P3,p4 Controller, Android, Ios(above 13.0), Pc System

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Ps4 Wireless Controller Is Compatible With P3,p4 Controller, Android, Ios(above 13.0), Pc System

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1. The product is mainly applicable to P4 compatible with P3 console, Android, iOS(above 13.0), and any game version on P4 console is supported when connected to PC system for game operation. 2. The use of high-performance wireless connection technology, provide no delay within 8 meters do not drop the reliable signal, strong anti-interference, will not be affected by other wireless equipment. No drive, automatic connection, without tedious code process. 3. Built-in LED color breath light, the gamepad has color LED light bar to indicate the function and status of the gamepad channel. The way of indicating function is the same as the original P4 gamepad, different gamepads are indicated by different color LED. 4. Built-in left and right asymmetric motor, support double motor double vibration function. 5. Built-in 3D acceleration sensor and G gyroscope sensor, with six-axis induction function. 6. Equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack, you can output the audio signal of the game through the headphone of the gamepad. 7. The structure is ergonomic and comfortable. 8. Bluetooth contact mode is the same as that of the original gamepad. 9. Support double-point capacitive inductive touch pad. 10. Support USB to charge lithium battery. 11. Support PC USB: online upgrade product program, so as to support the latest PS4 host upgrade system. There are suburbs to avoid the host upgrade system caused by the product can not use the problem. 12. Support the programming function, according to the user's hobby, the common function key or key combination set to the side and the bottom of the S1-S4 programming button, easy to use

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